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Laying hen Lyn's healing journey

After 72 weeks in a barn that was packed to the rafters with screaming hens, Lyn arrived at the sanctuary during one of our rescue missions. Having laid enough eggs to be past her best, Lyn is considered a 'spent' hen and would normally be sent to slaughter then replaced ruthlessly with another unlucky hen. She arrived with a prolapsed vent - a condition that sadly affects a great number of laying hens, due to the huge amount of strain that producing an egg every day has on their little bodies. Extreme eggs To put this into context, hens should only be laying around 12 eggs a year. However in the UK barns are cruelly lit 24-hours a day to stimulate their genetically modified bodies and force them to lay up to 300 eggs in the same amount of time. Treating prolapses When treating a prolapsed vent it's vital to isolate the hen straight away before treating it. We bathed Lyn in a ntiseptic ( hibiscrub)  to cleanse the area. This may need to be done a few times to soften any har

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