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Flockdown fundamentals

  Egg shortages across the UK are making bird flu (Avian Influenza) headline news at the moment, as farmers condemn thousands of birds to death in a bid to control the outbreak. Being cooped up indoors is as bad as it gets for our hens, who are being kept in their runs indefinitely in line with the government’s latest flockdown. It’s still upsetting to enforce though, as freedom to roam is a basic right we want to give back to our birds. Chickens are inquisitive souls who feel bored and trapped when stuck indoors, just like humans did during the Covid pandemic. For anyone with birds, our advice is to provide plenty of enrichment such as ladder-style perches, platforms or even a homemade chicken swing! (Instructions at the bottom of this blog.) If you'd like to help us make flockdown life easier for our hens, head on over to our sanctuary gift shop or donate now . What is bird flu? Bird flu is a virus that occurs naturally in wild aquatic birds and can infect domestic p

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