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Florence's first blog

  Hello hello!! How’re you doing? Hope you’ve been having a glorious summer so far. None of us here can quite believe that it’s August already… so we’ve decided to make the most of every single sunny day. Think hardcore sunbathing, lots of naps, and extra loud, demands shouted at the humans when it’s dinner time. We’ve all been loving having lots of visitors. They bring us veggies and sometimes, only if we feel like it, we come over to say hello and get cuddles. Life’s not all that bad, eh.  The 'amazing eight' piglets lining up for a splash of suncream! On the subject of visitors, the humans have been cooking up something special, and we recently had our first afternoon teas at the sanctuary! A couple of lovely families came to meet us all, fed Chloe’s piglets some carrots, and then sat down to eat some delicious food. I didn’t actually get to taste-test the food, much to my annoyance, but I’ve heard that it was excellent. And even some of us piggies got to eat the lefto

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