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Hen rescue: a report from farm to freedom

Pear Tree Farm founder Bex reflects on her latest hen rescue mission... Flopping down on the sofa after a 12-hour  day freeing chickens from a local egg farm in Somerset, I feel incredibly emotional – reflecting on a rescue is always bittersweet. With thousands of birds being culled we arrive hoping to save as many as we can. I n the end, we   drive away with 450 deserving little souls. Every egg farm in the country does this major cull every 72 weeks, and we’re tentatively building relationships with them, in the hope that we can keep going back to free more. HEARTBREAKING WORK It’s hard work –physically and emotionally. We hire a Luton van for the day and load it up with crates to transport the birds from the farm. The whole process is highly emotional because of course, we want to take them all, but can’t. We have to leave so many behind, it’s really hard. They’re all watching as we negotiate the release of the lucky ones and load the van, and the whole scene is just heartbreaking.

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